10 Reasons I Love Going Home

Lake Roland, one of the Twin Lakes

Family and friends are wonderful and when it comes to going home, it is easy to say that they are the number one reason I go back to visit as often as I do. But the thing is, everyone has family and friends they visit, no matter where they are, who they are or where they come from.  There has to be something, beyond my social connections, that makes Michigan’s Copper Country so special.  In fact, there are actually many reasons I love going back and hope to go back permanently some day.  Here are the top ten reasons why I love going home!

1. Lake Superior
2. Snow – according to The Weather Channel Hancock, MI is the third snowiest city in the US and the Copper Country is the snowiest region east of the Rocky Mountains
3. Suomi Restaurant – a local staple, this small establishment cranks out delicious pulla bread (which they still call nisu like the old school Finns) and pancakes as big as your head
4. History – the industrial heritage of the region, the stories of those who lived and thrived here, the remains and ruins from past glory, and the way the whole community embraces its past always draw me in and get me excited about home
5. Junk Shops – filled with mining antiques, breweriana, books, records, snowshoes, photographs, vintage electronics, and strange collectibles and oddities
6. People speak Yooper
7. Fishing – any season this is the place to be for some quality fishing
8. Finnish – some people still speak Finnish, its home to the Finnish-American Heritage Center, street signs are in English and Finnish, and lots of Finnish culture is evident in the area
9. The Michigan House – food and spirits to get you ready for a day of junk shops – see #5
10. Clean, Clear Skies – with stars, potential to see the Northern Lights, and fresh air


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