Folklore Finds

Browsing through GEMM, an online community to buy and sell records, I finally came across something I have been searching for since my youth.  A small waxy disc.  A 45 rpm record.  An original pressing of the “Heikki Lunta Snow Dance Song.”  A local legend in the Keweenaw, some believe that this song has the ability to make it snow, snow, snow.

In 1970 David Riutta, an employee of WMPL radio station in Hancock, came up with the character in an effort to bring snow for an upcoming snowmobile race.  Heikki Lunta, pronounced “hay-key loon-ta”, translates as “Henry Snow” or “Hank Snow”, and since his namesake song was first aired on WMPL, a local legend was born.  Heikki Lunta has been the inspiration behind many local stories, traditions, songs, and festivities.  As generations grow up and as more time goes by, it is small cultural artifacts, such as this album, that will help keep local traditions and memories alive.  If you are interested to learn more about Heikki Lunta you can go to the Heikki Lunta online exhibit or see a detailed music review at Rock n Roll Graffiti.


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