Research Interest: Copper Country Dogs

Despite the small size of the region, the Copper Country always has room for another tradition.  The CopperDog 150 (the video above is from the 2011 CopperDog 35 rec race), a sled dog race which had its second year run this past weekend, is one such instance of a new tradition shaping up to be a celebrated annual event.  Snow, dogs, and racing go together like pizza and KBC beer!  I had some friends who volunteered to help at the race this year and it was a success all around helping local businesses and providing a great weekend for spectators and participants.  If you are interested to see photos, results, and news from the 2011 Copper Dog 150 please go to their website.

As for me, I hope to look into the history of service dogs in this region in Michigan.  Many people and their dogs partake in winter activities together, such as sled racing, skijoring, or just serving as companions on winter hikes and snowshoe adventures.  However, given the loyal and hardworking nature of dogs like huskies, malamutes, and other similar breeds I couldn’t help but wonder if dogs have served a purpose in the shaping of the Copper Country in a greater sense, beyond recreation.  For some reason I am getting visions of dogs pulling sleds filled with mail, food, or other provisions.  This is something I hope to look into and I will report back when I find some answers!


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