Mine Towns Review and Posting Update

Italian Hall Memorial Arch, a Keweenaw Heritage Site, in Calumet, MI (Photo by L. Hiltunen 09/2011)

Hello there!  It has been a long summer of change and thankfully, good news is on the horizon.  I recently got word I have been accepted to a post-MLS archives fellowship in Illinois, which will allow me to continue my work with public history in a more hands-on way.  I will be able to work on my history M.A. full-time in the Midwest (closer to my geographic areas of interest) and continue my professional development as an Archivist.  Thankfully for this space, it also means I will be closer to the U.P. and closer to source material to keep this site alive.  I recently returned from a trip to the Copper Country and my book review for a piece of Copper Country history, Mine Towns by Alison K. Hoagland, was recently published in a history journal at University of Virginia.  I will share the link to the review here.  Also, stay tuned for pictures, book reviews, and small snippets of Copper Country history coming your way over the next few months!


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