“A Light Dusting of Snow”

A photo of the AFL-CIO plaque on the Italian Hall arch. (Photo by L. Hiltunen, October, 2011).

I will be in the Copper Country for Christmas this year and I am grateful to have the opportunity to stop by the Italian Hall Memorial Site in Calumet, Michigan this Christmas Eve.  I will take a moment to silently reflect on the events of 1913.  As silently as the snow fell that night, I will stand and pay a gentle tribute.  The story of Italian Hall is a bleak moment in Copper Country history, but a plaque that rests on the memorial arch offers a hopeful and purposeful message for why our history, as bleak as it may be, is so deeply important.  “Mourn the dead, fight for the living.”  It’s amazing how such a simple message can shake one’s value system to the core and remind us all to adopt a personal philosophy that emphasizes graciousness, diligence, and respect for our fellow man.

This Christmas Eve I hope you will take a moment to remember those who perished in the Italian Hall disaster and remember what the strikers were fighting for.  Have a wonderful holiday season and do something nice for your neighbor, your family, and your community!

For a recent article remembering the Italian Hall disaster, please see this Huffington Post article written by Copper Country historian Steve Lehto.


One thought on ““A Light Dusting of Snow”

  1. Lindsay – thanks for the mention. I always have a melancholy feeling as the holidays approach. I know they’re supposed to be happy, but the Italian Hall disaster and Christmas Eve are inseparable.

    I won’t be able to make it this year but I am already making plans for 2013. It will be remarkable to reflect on the 100 years that will have passed since then.


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