Today in the 1913 Copper Strike

The October 23rd telegram to Governor Ferris from Guard General Abbey. (Photo courtesy of the Archives of Michigan)

On this day in the strike Michigan National Guard General Perley L. Abbey sent the above telegram to Governor Woodbridge Ferris. It reads as follows:

Lawlessness broke loose throughout district today. Northwestern train windows smashed with rocks. 30 men broke into workmen’s home at Quincy. Row with deputies at Quincy. Paraders at Calumet armed with clubs. Three fights, 2 deputies badly cut up. 13 strikers arrested. 4 arrests near Ahmeek for shooting up workmen’s premises. 2 arrests at Allouez. Picketing throughout entire district.

Animosity and the accompanying violence show no signs of slowing down on this day in the strike.  According to the Archives of Michigan, “in the three weeks following this telegram, more than 400 people were arrested, and confrontations with the Waddell men continued. Parades led by local icon “Big Annie” grew in popularity as the strikers united behind their martyred comrades.”


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