Quincy Mine Shaft

Quincy Mine Shaft, part of the Quincy Unit at the Keweenaw National Historical Park, Hancock, Michigan. (Photo by Lindsay Hiltunen, August 2010)

Copper Country History is a site to share and explore the history of Upper Michigan’s Copper Country. This year the site is dedicated to my thesis project on the social memory of the 1913-14 Michigan Copper Miners’ Strike, but I enjoy researching all aspects of regional history.

If you wish to know a bit about me, beyond this project, I am a Yooper, originally from Tamarack City, with a penchant for big trees, big lakes, history, and record collections.  I enjoy media of all types and styles, Bosch breweriana, bonfires, kayaking, singing songs about my dogs, record fairs, traditional Finnish saunas, and making art. I have a diverse background in library work, having served as a librarian for DC Public Library, a gifts coordinator for George Mason University Libraries, and as an archives assistant at Western Illinois University. I currently work as a cataloger and library assistant in the Maki Library at Finlandia University in Hancock, Michigan.


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  1. I just happened upon. I too am a native of the UP…grew up close to Gwinn. I used to go to Copper Harbor all the time with my parents in the summer and we would always stop at the mining ruins along the way. My dad liked to take photos. Thanks for sharing all the cool MTU archival photos and the book reviews. MORE BOOK REVIEWS NOW!

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